A travel from FRANCE

From 28 November to 11 December, certain members of the Association have travelled to Khanikhola and meet the children, the teachers and the principal of the school, Sir Rimal.

Their welcome has been more than warm and the students showed a lot of curiosity and transmitted kindness, asking a lot of questions about France and the reasons why we are involved in the school. They also invited us to participate in the activities, mainly sportive (cricket and football in the boy's side and badminton for the girls!!).

Currently, the funds collected had been used to sponsor 8 children during one scholar year, to build two classrooms and to buy a second hand bus to replace the one damaged during the accident; the school transport constitutes the vertebral column of all the nepali schools and it is still a subject to deal with in order to handle it permanently by providing a new vehicle which remains working properly and can be driven by an expert driver.

The route of the school's bus is the only one that connects Kathmandu and Pokhara and its traffic is really intense due to the fact that there is no other option to travel from on city to another by earth.

We have witnessed how the accidents are quotidian and sometimes hard; also the route to achieve the closer hospital is long and dangerous.

Our efforts should focus on the material sphere in means of the maintenance of a bus in an excellent condition to ensure the safety of four daily travels to Kathmandu and Naubise.

In this same sphere, we hope to provide the school's library - created this year - with new books; if you have English examples (literature, geographical history, dictionaries, sciences, etc) do not hesitate to send them to the association's address. We will ensure they reach the school's shelf.

Also, if you want to change your computer, please, send us the ancient one to the office, they will also be useful for the teachers and the students and they will be given to the school when another visit to Nepal will be done.

On the other hand, those who would like to travel to Nepal, are welcomed to contact us to be received in the school and meet the children; accommodation matters will be handled by us. Also, it would be helpful to carry some clothes for the children; we have brought some winter clothes' stock and the distribution of it had been done when we arrived. The school is not sufficiently equipped against cold and the temperatures are freezing.

Even if our task is devoted to the school's facilities, the Superb Catalyst Academy's objectives are focused on providing schooling to all the children who have no means to pay for the school or transport to get to a public school.

The earthquake of April 2015, among all its victims, damaged all the infrastructure of Kathmandu region; a lot of families are still homeless and young generations are the ones who are suffering the most. For most of them, the school is the only opportunity to find somehow a proper educational environment, essential to their correct and healthy personal development.

We have witnessed the beneficial effects of integrating children in solid structures where the principles of solidarity and basic learning give them a different future's perspective.

All the facts mentioned above, as well as the results of our activities and the economical situation will be explained to the Association's members during the general assembly which will be held at the beginning of 2017.

In the meanwhile, we continue doing our best.

Thank you to everyone.


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