THANKS TO Sara Svati

The amount obtained would help to achieve three main objectives:

* To improve the school facilities (classrooms), to create a library with English reading books, to hire one or more teachers in order to decrease the number of students per classroom, to rebuild the old structures and to improve the school bus or try to get a second one in order to short the route between the students' home and the bus stops.

* To welcome new students and to sponsor the students who are currently attending the school but whom their families are not able to pay the school fees, children's food, their uniform or some school material.

* To create a relationship between the sponsored students and their sponsors in order to motivate them and give them security and stability during their schooling.

Your donations can be devoted to sponsor a child or to cover the structural and functional needs of the school's facilities, according to your choice:

1) Donation to cover the school's facilities:

  • Punctual donation (document 1)

  • Donation and adhesion to the association (document 2):

    • Annual donation in one time with the association's cost of 60€

    • Annual donation divided into monthly amounts, in the first contribution there will be added the association's cost of 60€

In both cases, the amount donated is according to your choice.


2) Donation to sponsor one student of the school:

  • In this case, the adhesion to the association is compulsory

  • You want to sponsor a child without establishing any type of relationship: in this case, the student is chosen by the school after the association's agreement. (document 3)

Then, your donation would be 156€ in a year (minimum) plus the association's adhesion cost (60€) payed in a single time or in monthly fractionated amounts of 13€ (the first payement would be of 13€ plus the association's adhesion cost of 60€).

  • You want to sponsor a student and follow his or her schooling and being in contact with him or her (document 4)

Then your donation would be 240€ in a year. The payment conditions are the same above (20€ per month in the fractionated way). The difference in the amount between the previous modality and this one is devoted to pay a teacher in charge to help the student to communicate with his or her sponsor in France.

The monthly donations must be done by a transference to the association's account, the data of which is reproduced below.

The payments done at once can be addressed by check to SARA SVITA (23 rue Auguste Vacquerie 75116) or by transference.

The documents mentioned can be downloaded in the website.

You can also donate by Paypal :

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