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Nobody knows what guides the steps of the travelers. Chance is just one of the possible answers. Sometimes it is more spiritual or transcendental, it is about the believe or wish that an invisible Ariane's string steers us.


That is how Florence and Maxence - from separated paths - arrived in Khanikhola, in Nepal; even their differences, their nomadism gave them a precious time, the necessary one to meet Ajay Rimal, to listen to him and witness how he gave his vital energy to others, to the children who he welcomes to his school, the Superb Catalyst Academy.


And because that man, his work and his devotion fostered in them a wider vision about the world, they decided to help a person who - despite facing an Annapurna every day without fearing the tiredness - knits day after day a place, an education, a chance to overcome the loneliness and the ignorance.


If we want to analyse again this last year 2016, are not those two evils the ones that made this world suffer; the ignorance and  the loneliness; and the war, whatever the way it reveals? Is not war and violence the most stupid way to show ignorance?


From all those meetings, conversations and experiences, this association was born, called after the Hindu goddess of the knowledge and the eloquence, Sarasvati. An association in which the children's smiles from the school offer us a kind and warm salute.


André Guillemain

Born in Paris in 1948, lawyer since 1973, father of Clémence (25). He is familiar with the associations' world to become the president, on the one hand, of that related to commercial property rights and, on the other hand, of all related to AADPC and AUDI ALTERAM PARTEM. He has accepted with enthusiasm to dedicate part of his time to make SARA SVATI known among different professional spokesperson or friends from his entourage.


Maxence-François Banide

Graduated, he obtained his degree in 2015 and he started a tour around the world during 10 months. This experience leads him to Nepal where he meets Ajay Rimal; he discovers in him what changes the gaze about the world and about the essential things that may guide his future choices in life. His exchanges with the children who share with him their hopes ascertain his will to get involved in Ajay's project.


Florence Ducler

This student born in 1994, holding a degree in Law, decided to move to Sweden to follow her studies in Human capital management in Göteborg; she had been always interested in humanism and she found in Ajay's reality, the educational project that she had been looking for in order to support and assist it. Her diary, intothegapyear, is used to record all that Nepal and childhood make her question.


Pascale Banide

She was born in 1955 in Paris and she is lawyer since 1980. She had worked with AG during 25 years before starting up her own business; she is in touch with the school in order to organize and assure a clear feedback between Ajay and the future members of the association. Also, she studies the needs of both sides and makes sure that all the involved parts understand the use of the donations, which seek to be transmitted to the school with the minimum functional fees; every euro donated is a euro handed.


It was settled by Ajay Rimal in 2007, the Super Catalyst Academy pursuit the project that Ajay's father had to quit because of the lack of resources needed that time, in a very instable political context that still persists nowadays.


His private school is the only one in the village that welcomes either the children from wealth families and those coming from very poor backgrounds, unable to pay the school's fees and, probably, designated for analphabetism and the reproduction of social schemes, especially in girls' future.


This school welcomes children from 3 to 17 years old. There are more or less 300 students organized in 10 classes and only the half of them can afford the school fee which is 150 euros per year. The other half is supported by Ajay's Rimal own saves and thanks to punctual donations of the volunteers.


Their biggest difficulties are related to the dispersion of the students around the villages, situation that asks for an extra service to pick them up. Nevertheless, this does not always avoid two hours walk to some students to reach the road. The bus that insure this picking up had suffer a terrible accident this last year and a lot of the savings of the school were destined for covering the damages. However, this did not make Ajay and Bina to stop welcoming all the families to the school, whether or not they were able to pay. On the other hand, classrooms need to be arranged in order to foster teamwork learning and a better evacuation system in case of earthquake.


Now that we establish this website, we have an special thought towards everyone who, since the conception of our project, had shown to express their sympathy and, especially, we want to mention Caroline MABILLE who has shared with joy her experience in associations and her good memories about LOULY, the school in SENEGAL ( and Mrs GIGI BON, sculptor, who has created the SARA SVATI's logo, putting together the old national flag of Nepal with the loved swing where all the Nepali children play and open their wings once a year.

Sir Jean-Noël Mathonnet helps us from Thaïland to update the website.


Helena Cobos and Michael Mur, volunteers in the school, have translated the content of the website, a fact that will enable to read it in 5 different languages.


Finally, Stanislas Verjus, after his trip in July 2016, has given us current news about the students in the school and he has invested his time in order to make the children and the school more known in his presentation on September in Paris.


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